Hospital School



The overall care of children and adolescents with cancer includes far more than just tests, treatments and clinic appointments. We are conscious of the need to consider all aspects of care and minimise the inevitable disruption to the usual lifestyle of the patient and their family.

Sydney Childrens Hospital School (SCHS) is a K-12 School for Specific Purposes operating within Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (SCHN) and is a joint venture between the hospital and Department of Education and Communities (DEC). SCHS works as a community of schools with The Children’s Hospital School Westmead (CHSW). We provide a caring and stimulating educational service for K-12 students whom are inpatients of Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH).  

Students have an extensive range of medical conditions, including chronic illness, disease, psychological illness and injuries sustained from an accident. Length of enrolments varies depending on the nature of the student’s medical condition and students are encouraged to attend classrooms once given medical team approval. When attending SCHS students have a shared enrolment between SCHS and their census school and student attendance is reported weekly.

A ward teaching service, as well as assigning an educational case manager (teacher) can be in place from the first day of admission. Personalised learning support plans are developed to support the continuity of census school educational programs and to profile student educational support needs. The school also works with multidisciplinary teams and liaises with medical personnel in order to ensure that enhanced educational, health and attendance outcomes for students are met.

Parents can discuss the enrolment of inpatient siblings with the principal on 02 9399 7119.

The staff consists of:

  • a principal
  • six full time teachers
  • one part time teacher
  • four school learning Support officers
  • a school administrative manager
  • a part time school administrative officer

Teachers and school learning support officers work across:

  • a K- 6 classroom
  • a 7 -12 high school classroom
  • a secured classroom on C3SW
  • wards – public, private and adult.

All teaching staff meet the professional requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.


Additional information can be found on the school website: