To care deeply and cure quickly

This is our mission.

As the largest centre in Australia that researches and treats childhood cancer under one roof, the Kids Cancer Centre is the bridge between science and care. That means we can move faster from the questions to the answers.

It’s meant high-risk patients could access drugs and therapies never available before. It’s led to world-first clinical trials that have helped terminal kids celebrate birthdays they thought they’d never reach. And it’s helped us turn breakthroughs into treatments in real time, meaning kids in critical condition don’t have to wait until it’s too late.

Our discoveries have brought us closer to a cure than we’ve ever been. But we know we can do better. And we will. We won’t stop until every child is cancer free.

Together we cure.

The Kids Cancer Centre is based at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick. It is one of the most established cancer centres in Australia, with a 50-year heritage of treating kids with cancers and blood disorders. Oncologists from around the country come here to learn about the latest discoveries and techniques in childhood cancer care. We are the centre for learning, innovation, and leadership in Australia.

Our team of world-class specialists are major contributors to the global childhood cancer community. Their work has dramatically changed the lives of kids around the world. Now, they are leading Australia in the race for a cure.