Professor Glenn Marshall

Senior Staff Specialist Paediatric Haematologist/Oncologist
Head of Translational Research, Children’s Cancer Institute Australia
Head of Gene Regulation in Cancer Theme, Children’s Cancer Institute Australia
Group Leader, Embryonal Cancer Therapy and Prevention Group, Children’s Cancer Institute Australia
Conjoint Professor, School of Women’s and Children’s Health, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW

“The families I work with everyday inspire me. I’m staggered by the things that parents will do for their kids. The lengths they’ll go to, to ensure their child gets the best chance in life and achieves their personal potential. I’m driven by wanting all of my patients to be cured. We’ve made some pretty big strides but we need to ensure it continues.”

Professor Glenn Marshall is a Paediatric Haematologist and Oncologist at the Kids Cancer Centre. He is Head of the Embryonal Cancer Research Group and Translational Research at the Children’s Cancer Institute, Lowy Cancer Centre, UNSW. He is Clinical Lead for the national personalised child cancer care program for high risk cancer, Zero Childhood Cancer. Professor Marshall is national Director of the Kids to Adults Alliance (K2A) which conducts research on survivorship problems faced by children with chronic illness and their families, aiming to help them live their best lives.

Professor Marshall has published more than 220 research articles on biological, clinical and survivorship aspects of child cancer. His research interests are MYCN oncogene inhibitor drugs, combination anti-cancer therapy, early detection and treatment of relapsed child cancer, prevention of embryonal child cancer, and, survivorship problems faced by children with chronic illness.

Professor Marshall has received awards from the Australian NHMRC and CINSW for excellence in translational research, and his significant service to medicine was acknowledged in 2014 with an Order of Australia (AM). He was made a Fellow of the Australian Academy for Health and Medical Science in 2017. In 2019, Professor Marshall received the Premier’s award as the Outstanding Cancer Researcher of the Year, and the Health Services Research Award from Research Australia. Prior to Professor Tracey O’Brien taking over the role in 2016, Professor Marshall served as the Director of the Kids Cancer Centre for 18 years.

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Fax: (02) 9382 1789